About Us


The Hungarian Association of Western Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving Hungarian heritage and to create better understanding and appreciation of the Hungarian culture in Western Australia. The original organisation was founded in 1955. Since its inception, the main goal of the Association and its predecessors was to serve people of Hungarian descent and those interested in Hungarian culture with educational and social events.


The objects and purposes of the Association are:


  •  To provide a coordinating role for the various Hungarian organisations that use the premises of the Association, and make its resources and programs available to all members of the Association, its affiliated groups, and their guests.

  •  To foster goodwill and harmonious social interaction within the Hungarian Community of Western Australia.

  •  To promote goodwill between people of Hungarian ancestry and the citizens of Western Australia.

  • To facilitate the conduct of social, cultural, educational, sporting, and recreational activities for the members of the Association and their guests.

  •  To promote good fellowship, harmonious social interaction and unity among the members and to assist needy members and charitable institutions.

  •  To facilitate the maintenance of the linguistic and cultural heritage of people of Hungarian ancestry in Western Australia in order to share this heritage with the wider Australian community.


The Hungarian Association of WA is is an incorporated body. The Association's assets and income are allocated exclusively to serve the main purposes of the Association's main goals mentioned above. Our Board of Directors is elected by the members at the annual general meeting. The Board includes representatives from all the other Hungarian organisations involved with the Association. 


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